Sunday, February 14, 2010

Technology in the Classroom

I recently read a very interesting article (Technology brings changes to the school setting--for better and worse) about how technology over the years has come to play quite a significant role in the classroom. The article focused on one school in particular that had spent a lot of money and resources to adapt new technologies like the Internet and the use of cell phones and other portable devices in the classroom. Reading this made me think of my own years of schooling where cell phones weren't even allowed in school but today nearly every student has access to one. However, having this devices available to students can have its own advantages and disadvantages where students have constant access to information but this also increases the risks of cheating as well.

What I found most interesting was the fact that many school are now purchasing various types of handheld technology. One of the greatest advances in education I feel is when the special education department purchased several iTouches for its students, which came with several application that helped to facilitate their learning.

For students with disabilities many of the iPhone applications can in fact take the place of many of the assistive technology devices that are currently being used to help them learn. Therefore, I feel devices like the iPhone and iTouch can truly change the educational system and how students learn especially students who must work so much harder because of their disability.

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