Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Cream of the Crop

Social networking sites in recent years has changed the lives of individuals with disabilities and special needs by providing them with the resources for social interaction. Social networking sites have encompassed everything from friendship to business interaction to employment, and many other facets of meeting and interacting with other with and without disabilities and special needs. Social networking sites provide a support, resources, life long friendships, and social interaction for these individuals. It allows them to expose themselves to the world around them in way that might have otherwise been impossible. Prior to social networking sites, many of these individuals were left in the dark. Some who were too embarrassed or scared to interact with others would stay hidden in their homes. Today however, this is no longer an issue. Currently a few of the best social networks for disabled individuals are:

-Ability Online Support Network

-America Deaf Recreation Club

-Deaf Club

-The Deaf Directory

-Deaf Empowerment and Advancement Fellowship INTernational

-Deaf Passions

-Disabled Cupid

-Disabled Dating

-Disabled Online

-Disabled Passions

-Seed Business Network

-Shy Passions

-The Wheel Life

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