Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Online Dating: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

As more and more things seem to be finding a home in the virtual world, online dating sites seem to be appearing all over the internet for individuals hoping to have shot at love.

I found it quite interesting while conducting some research that in recent years quite a few dating sites for disabled individuals have been created. There are those who feel this is a step forward as it provides these individuals with the resources and opportunities to meet other individuals who have the same condition as they do and who might be more willing to create a relationship. The opposing argument however, is that disabled individuals do not want to be treated differently and by creating dating sites just for disabled individuals, they are being categorized and labeled for their disability.

For many individuals with disabilities, creating friendships and relationship can be very difficult. This is sometimes the case because of their disability, which prohibits them from communicating and often people harbor stereotypes which serve as obstacles for disabled individuals. Dating sites tailored to the needs of disabled individuals creates two-way matches, anonymous email, weekly polls, public, private and personal journals, discussion boards, instant messaging and even private email and photo upload in some cases.

According to one site called Disabledhearts.com the purpose of most disabled internet dating sites is “to provide a safe and secure environment to contact disabled singles and meet other singles that can understand what it is like to deal with a disability on a daily basis.”

Personally I feel these sites are a fantastic way for individuals living with some type of disability to meet other with whom they can converse and allow a relationship to grow.

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