Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

This is an image I took myself while attending a Best Buddies conference. Featured in the picture is one of the Buddies (individual with a disability) I got to know pretty well during the conference. His name is Jonathan but everyone knows him as Jonny and he was born with down syndrome. I really like this picture because I feel it clearly shows Jonny positive attitude, his love for life, his energy, and his great enthusiasm. Although it is not clear as to what the circumstances were when this picture was taken it still demonstrates so many emotions just from his facial expression to his simple act of pointing to the sky.

This is an image I took during one of the group events I planned for our Best Buddies group. Our college buddies and disabled buddies got together for a night of arts and crafts where we decorated pumpkins. There is often the stereotype that individuals with disabilities cannot perform even the simplest tasks on their own. However, as we found time and time again during such planned activities, our buddies could do so much more than what we expected. In this picture, Miriam has certain learning and behavioral disabilities but she had no problem decorating her pumpkin the way she envisioned it. Although the college buddies were around to assist them in any way possible, the buddies in general seemed to be having a great time.

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