Friday, May 7, 2010

There Is No Such Thing As Goodbye, Just New Beginnings - Part 1

I started this blog four months ago as a requirement for my class. Having no prior experience with blogging I did not have very high expectations in the very beginning. However, my initial opinions drastically changed as the semester progressed and I become more knowledgeable about my topic. Although I have had prior experience with working with the disabled community, I was quite oblivious to the types of assistive technology that is readily available for them today.

One of my favorite blog posts was actually the one of gaming. When we addressed the topic in class I had a hard time coming up with a way to relate what we had talked about in class to my personal blog. I think this is because up to that point I had only considered the difficulties disabled individuals face in terms of using every day technology like a computer of telephone. I hadn’t thought of how assistive technology can help these individuals have fun through activities like playing video games. After doing a little bit of research I learned about several different types of assistive technology that help the disabled community participate in past-times that most of us take for granted. I found it quite fascinating to read about the different things that have already been developed and it makes me optimistic about the future because I’m sure even more technology will be developed.

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