Friday, May 7, 2010

There Is No Such Thing As Goodbye, Just New Beginnings - Part 2

I cant say that I actually have a least favorite blog post because I truly enjoyed each of the posts I wrote. I love that I was able to learn so much each week and could apply what I had learned to my own blog. It served as an outlet to express myself while educating other to the type of technology there is for the disabled community.

I hope that readers who come across my blog will put their fears and stereotypes aside and read my blog with an open mind. Sadly is sometimes appears that many of us have stereotypes about the disabled community which often stems from our lack of understanding and knowledge. I feel that once we get past that, we can truly understand the steps that we need to take in order to help these individuals live as normal a life as possible. I hope my blog serves as a example to others of the types of technology that are already in place to improve upon the lives of the disabled community.

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